Total Loss

In the event you should have the unfortunate experience to be involved in an accident whereas your vehicle is Totaled Out…total-loss-yellow-carTotal Loss Value Assessment

In the event you should have the unfortunate experience to be involved in an accident whereas your vehicle is Totaled Out (a state whereas the Insurance Company has deemed the collision repair will exceed the Fair Market Value of Vehicle) allow Vehicle Value Experts to examine the Market Value Comparison Report, Collision Repair Estimate and Settlement Offer prior to Settlement.

Vehicle Value Experts has over 25 years of experience in Motor Vehicle Value Assessment, Mechanical and Collision Repair Evaluation and Settlement Value Offers Validation. The Insurance Companies use Market Evaluation Tools to arrive at a settlement value such as CCC Value Scope, CCC One Market Valuation Report and J.D. Power McGraw Hill Financial Mitchell Vehicle Valuation Report, these Reports have No Scientific Theory and work in favor of The Insurance Companies Benefit and therefore they directly have an economic interest to supply Market Valuations and Comparisons that are intentionally well below the actual fair market value of what the inured vehicles are truly worth. It has been our proven experience over the past years through the close examination and verification of each issued report to identify any missed value consideration of the Motor Vehicle in question and the authenticity and direct validation of each comparison vehicle it has resulted in a considerable increase in Settlement Value Due in Kind to the Gross Negligent Errors and Irregularities contained in these Market Evaluation and Valuation Tools used by The Insurance Companies.

Vehicle Value Experts uses up to date Statewide Motor Vehicle Data Base information; N.A.D.A. Market Value Data Base; Kelly Blue Book Value Guide; CarFax, Auto Trader and many other trusted Motor Vehicle Value Market Leaders to determine the Vehicle Fair Market Value of each Vehicle we access. Vehicle Value Experts, after researching the current Market Value Comparisons to your vehicle, will then identify your vehicle options, title history and condition as it relates to others in the Market Place prior to the final Fair Market Value determination and assessment. Should you suffer a total loss on your motor vehicle, you stand a greater chance of recovering the Vehicles Fair Market Value thru a Professional State Of The Art Total Loss Value Assessment from Vehicle Value Experts.

Allow Vehicle Value Experts with well over 25 years of experience to absolutely insure you are being properly compensated for you Total Loss Claim. No One Else Comes Close to our Total Loss Value Assessment.

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