gray_quotation_marks-50x47Robert, it really was a pleasure dealing with you. Your candor and knowledge of the process was very helpful to resolve this situation.

 Michael Willis Auto Physical Damage Supervisor

Elephant Insurance Services

gray_quotation_marks-50x47His honesty, sense of fair play, attention to detail and awareness of the needs of both the business community and the market they serve are just some of the qualities that make Mr. McDorman a source of knowledge and service to those who know him.

Ann Mullen

Mullen Insurance Agency, Inc.

gray_quotation_marks-50x47Vehicle Value Experts Total Loss Market Valuation Analysis offers the vehicle owner a choice in the matter to recover their valued loss instead of being dictated by insurance companies what they must do.

Cover Story, Auto Body News, Determining Values for Total Loss Vehicles Often Complicated and Controversial

gray_quotation_marks-50x47We have used Vehicle Value Experts since 1999 for all of our Customer Total Loss, Collision Repair and GAP Claims. On a conservative average we have enjoyed over a 20% increase in settlement compensation on our Customer Insurance Vehicle Claims after employing Vehicle Value Experts.

Martin Motors

gray_quotation_marks-50x47Our Vehicle was totaled due to the extensive damage. My decision to contact Robert McDorman at Vehicle Value Experts to guide us through the process made all the difference.

Mike Wilson

gray_quotation_marks-50x47I would like to Thank Vehicle Value Experts for helping me with my Total Loss Claim. I was able to receive a Fair Settlement after allowing The Company to analyze The Market Valuation Report provided by the Insurance Company.

Mike Sonnier

gray_quotation_marks-50x47I have used Vehicle Value Experts in the past in reference to a Total Loss Claim and was very satisfied with the end result of My Claim. I turned to them again to assist with My Collision Claim and again Vehicle Value Experts was able to assist me with a substantial increase in Settlement Value.

Bob Jones

gray_quotation_marks-50x47Thanks for the help Robert. Vehicle Value Experts was able to increase my Total Loss Settlement offer from $5,500.00 to over $8,000.00 after identifying shortcomings and multiple errors in the Settlement Documents provided from the Insurance Company.

Darren Johnson

gray_quotation_marks-50x47My Vehicle Claim was turned down at 1st. After employing Vehicle Value Experts I was able to get my Claim reopened and I was subsequently paid to Repair My Vehicle.

Tim Davis

gray_quotation_marks-50x47Mr. McDorman was a life saver, he was so personable and it was such a pleasure speaking and working with Mr. McDorman. He was extremely informative and I was very impressed with him as he put me at ease. After speaking with him I was confident that he would work hard on my behalf to resolve my case and he did just that in a timely manner. Mr. McDorman fought for me and got a fair settlement that I was very pleased with.

Mrs. Kemp