11. Who is working for me… the repairer or the insurer?

The consumer is usually pitted between the insurance company’s need to minimize their losses and the repair facilities need to make a profit. Today many repair facilities and insurance companies have established mutual relationships similar to a HMO/PPO referred to as “DRP” or “Direct Repair Programs” whereas the repairers adhere to insurer mandates in exchange for continued referrals. These mandates are to keep repair costs low and may restrict proper repair techniques, materials and processes. Far too often these DRP relationships have the repair shop working for the insurer and not you or in your best interests. In most cases it is best to seek a truly independent repairer, of your own selection, (based upon recommendations from those you know and trust) who will work for you in the proper restoration of your vehicle. If it is a DRP shop than ensure that they understand it is you whom they work for in the repair of your vehicle. If needed, get it in writing! Most state laws mandate that the choice of repairer is yours and yours alone. Don’t trust others to make such important decisions with your economic and personal welfare.

The consumer may need an unbiased third party Professional Expert to assure that such circumstances do not short change them in the recovery of their losses owed them under their policy and/or the law.

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