Auto Appraisals

Black-EscaladeAuto Appraisals are used to determine a vehicle’s value.  They are also needed for a variety of other needs including:

  • Insurance Claim Resolutions
    • Appraisal clause
    • Total loss settlements
  • Court Proceedings
    • Bankruptcy
    • Divorce
    • Estate settlements
  • IRS Donations and many others

Vehicle Value Experts provides accurate Auto Appraisals tailored to your specific needs

Actual Cash Value Appraisal (ACV), Fair Market Value Appraisal, Replacement Value Appraisal, Stated Value Appraisal, etc.

Vehicle Value Experts’ comprehensive auto appraisal reports offer a documented assessment of the value based on the subject vehicle’s condition at the time of the incident or loss.  We can also provide an assessment at any point of improvements or repairs as may be required, such as during a vehicle’s restoration activities, to document the value of a vehicle as it increases.

Vehicle Value Experts offers verbal, simple and/or comprehensive written auto appraisals designed to meet your specific needs and requirements.  We provide you the information and confidence necessary to make informed decisions regarding most any vehicle.

Should a recognized and qualified expert be required to provide testimony on you or your client’s behalf, be sure to select one who’s certified!  Choose The Vehicle Value Experts!